Multidimensional poverty analysis – applications for human development and social inclusion monitoring

June 20, 2011, 9am-6pm BST

Oxford Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford 

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In June 2011, to mark the launch of a new UNDP Regional Human Development Report for Europe and CIS, “Beyond Transition, Towards Inclusive Societies”, OPHI co-hosted a one-day workshop for researchers, practitioners and other interested parties to discuss multidimensional poverty, social exclusion and human development.

Broadcast live, the event used the release of a new report from UNDP’s Regional Office for Europe and CIS as a starting point for a broader discussion of how individual countries can use multidimensional methodologies, such as the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) developed by OPHI, to monitor progress.

** Watch the discussion online **

You can watch all the discussions from the day online on the UNDP Europe and CIS website.

The workshop, organized by UNDP Europe and CIS and OPHI, took as an example the topic of social inclusion to explore possible entry points for individual governments in adopting multidimensional approaches.

** Sessions **

The morning focused on conceptual and methodological aspects of multidimensional poverty; the afternoon addressed some sector-specific challenges.  The first session  set the scene by introducing some recent examples of applications of the MPI methodology. The afternoon session introduced some specific challenges that are important from a social inclusion perspective. To conclude the day, participants will mark out some next steps and ways the MPI can be adapted to a variety of different contexts.

** Get Involved **

Even if you can’t attend in person you can still get involved. You can watch the sessions live as they happen and ask questions of all panelists online using Twitter. Here’s how:

1.     Live streaming: the event will be broadcast live as it happens. To watch, simply visit on the day of the event (20 June 2011, from 9am-6pm BST – detailed timings below).

2.     On Twitter:  the official hashtag for the event is #sioxford (that stands for social inclusion Oxford, in case you were wondering!). We will be tweeting live from Oxford so you can follow the event real-time and can also use the same hashtag to share your comments and questions.

3.     On the UNDP Europe and CIS blog: in the next few days UNDP will begin publishing key data from their new report “Beyond Transition, Towards Inclusive Societies” and will be blogging live from the event. Look at for a taste of things to come.

** Agenda **

9:00 – 9:30. Setting the scene and opening remarks

  • Bringing social inclusion and human development closer. Kori Udovicki, Director, Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS, UNDP
  • Cooperation between academia and international organizations – “costs and benefits” Sabina Alkire, Director, OPHI

9.30-11:00. Session 1 – Introducing multidimensional poverty and social exclusion monitoring Chair: Gaston Yalonetzky, OPHI Research Officer

  • Multidimensional poverty monitoring. Sabina Alkire, Director, OPHI
  • Measuring social exclusion using multidimensional poverty methodology – the example of the Regional HDR. Balazs, Horvath (UNDP)
  • Discussion

11:00-11.30 – Coffee Break

11.30- 13.00. Session 2 – Improving methodologies and data for more targeted policy responses Chair: Susanne Milcher (consultant)

  • The Five Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data – why do we need to bring them in (and how)? …. Sabina Alkire, OPHI.
  • Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data – governance and social inclusion. Annie Demirjian, Democratic Governance Practice Leader, UNDP Bratislava.
  • Putting data in context. Using secondary source contextualization for social exclusion monitoring. Andrey Ivanov, Human development Policy Advisor, UNDP Bratislava.
  • Turning data users into data producers: collaborative approaches to statistics. Giulio Quaggiotto, UNDP Bratislava.
  • Discussion

13.00-14.00 – Lunchtime Seminar (optional) Multidimensional Poverty in Venezuela during 1997-2000: A proposal for a nationally adapted measure for monitoring purposes. Professor Cesar Gallo, Central University of Venezuela and Jose Manuel Roche, OPHI.

14.00-16.00. Session 3 – Specific challenges and possible responses Chair: Andrey Ivanov, UNDP

  • “Inclusive growth: beyond poverty and social exclusion”? Max Spoor, Professor of Development Studies, International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Erasmus University
  • Youth and the recession – how to employ those left behind. Niall O’Higgins, University of Salerno
  • Access to community-based social services. Paul Stubbs, The Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Discussion

16:00 – 16:30 – Coffee Break

16:30 – 17:30 – Session 4 –Taking stock of ongoing work and looking to the future Chair: Jose Manuel Roche, OPHI

  • Multidimensional poverty monitoring – update on possible applications and country initiatives? Mihail Peleah, UNDP Bratislava.
  • Areas of possible improvement of data and information resources
  • Involving academia

17:30 – 18:00 – Closing remarks, looking to the future and closing address from Valpy Fitzgerald, Director, Oxford Department of International Development

** Attendance **

Attendance: If you would like to attend this workshop, there are a few spaces left so please email

Location: Seminar Room 1, Oxford Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford. OX1 3TB