OPHI Seminar Series

The OPHI seminar series brings together academic staff and students interested in multidimensional poverty in an informal intellectual and social environment. Everyone is welcome.

Michaelmas Term 2020

The following seminars will be given at 1pm on Fridays and will take place online. Details and registration on talks.ox.ac.uk
Convenors: Dr Ricardo Nogales, Dr Hector Moreno

Prof Sabina Alkire, OPHI
Dr Usha Kanagaratnam, OPHI
16 Oct: ‘A journey of acute poverty: the global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI)’
Download the Powerpoint presentation ‘A journey of acute poverty’
Download the video from this page or from OPHI YouTube

Dr Ebelechukwu Maduekwe, Technical University of Munich
23 Oct: ‘Measuring human recognition for women in Malawi using the Alkire-Foster method of multidimensional poverty counting’
Download the video from this page or from OPHI YouTube

Dr Mónica Pinilla-Roncancio, Universidad de Los Andes and OPHI
Dr Paul Rodriguez, Universidad del Rosario
30 Oct: ‘Catastrophic payments and multidimensional poverty: A longitudinal analysis’
Download the video from this page or from OPHI YouTube

Mr Richard Freund, Young Lives
6 Nov: ‘Construction of an internationally comparable Child Multidimensional Poverty Index’
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Dr María Emma Santos, Universidad Nacional del Sur, CONICET and OPHI
13 Nov: ‘Poor households or poor individuals? The issue of the unit of identification when designing an MPI’
(There is no video of this seminar)

Dr Frank Vollmer, OPHI
Dr Piero Conforti, FAO
Dr José A. Rosero Moncayo, WB
20 Nov: ‘Measuring rural poverty with a multidimensional approach: conceptual framework and empirical results’
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Dr Gastón Yalonetzky, University of Leeds and OPHI
27 Nov: ‘Endogenous weights and multidimensional poverty: A cautionary tale’

Prof Sabina Alkire, OPHI
Miss Fanni Kovesdi, OPHI
4 Dec: ‘A bird’s eye view of well-being: Exploring a multidimensional measure for the UK’

Hilary Term 2020

1pm–2pm, Seminar Room 2

Complimentary sandwich lunch available (first come, first served).
All welcome.

24 January: Dr Benoît Decerf, University of Namur
Too young to die: Deprivation measures combining poverty and premature mortality

07 February: Ms Putu Natih, Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford
Building a composite Multidimensional Poverty Index using Delphi dimensions, indicators and weights

14 February: Professor Kirsten Sehnbruch, London School of Economics and Dr Mauricio Apablaza, Universidad del Desarrollo
The quality of employment (QoE) in nine Latin American countries: A multidimensional perspective

21 February: Professor James Foster, George Washington University
Unidimensional underpinnings of multidimensional counting measures

28 February: Dr Hector Moreno, OPHI
On synthetic income panels

06 March: Dr Laurence Roope, Health Economics Research Centre, University of Oxford
Identifying inequality benchmark incomes

13 March: Dr Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay, Queen Mary University of London
Robust non-parametric estimation of inequality measures with contaminated data

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