Summer School 2016

Organised by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI), University of Oxford, in collaboration with the International Poverty Reduction Center in China (IPRCC) and Beijing Normal University (BNU), the 2016 Summer School was hosted at Beijing Normal University in Beijing, China, 1-13 August 2016.

The purpose of this intensive summer school was to provide a thorough conceptual and technical introduction to some techniques of measuring multidimensional poverty with a strong emphasis on the Alkire Foster method.  Participants revised axiomatic poverty measures, and got an overview of different techniques of multidimensional poverty measurement and which problems they are best suited to solve. The empirical motivation for measuring multidimensional poverty was presented as well as the conceptual motivation, drawing on Amartya Sen’s capability approach.

Topics covered:

  • Axiomatic approaches to unidimensional and multidimensional poverty;
  • Methodologies to analyse multidimensional poverty – dashboard, stochastic dominance, information theory, fuzzy set, multiple correspondence analysis, unmet basic needs and counting approaches – and the problems each methodology best solves;
  • The Alkire Foster methodology of multidimensional poverty measurement;
  • Selection of parameters – purpose, unit of measure, dimensions, indicators, cut-offs and weights;
  • Estimation of multidimensional poverty and interpretation of the results;
  • Subgroup decomposition and mapping;
  • Multidimensional poverty dynamics;
  • Robustness tests, standard errors, and statistical inference
  • Econometric analysis of multidimensional poverty;
  • Institutions, policies, and communication.
The summer school was led by the Researchers and Director of OPHI. Instructors include Sabina Alkire, James Foster,  Adriana Conconi, Ana Vaz, Bilal Malaeb, Bouba Housseini, Christoph Jindra, Christian Oldiges, Gisela Robles Aguilar, Monica Pinilla & Yangyang Shen.

Summer School Programme

Pre-Summer School Readings

Presentations and Videos

Day 1 Video PDF
Multidimensional Poverty Measures: Motivation & Methodology Play-icon-transparent pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Rural Poverty & the Evolution of Poverty Reduction Policies in China  Play-icon-transparent pdf-icon-transparent-background2
MPI in the SDGs &  Unidimensional Poverty Analysis  Play-icon-transparent pdf-icon-transparent-background2pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Day 2
 Multidimensional Poverty Methods & Counting Approaches  Play-icon-transparent pdf-icon-transparent-background2
 Alkire-Foster (AF) Methodology  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Case Studies: The Global MPI  Play-icon-transparent  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
 Paper-based exercises on AF methodology
Day 3
Solution: exercises on on AF methodology  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Introduction to the capability approach  Play-icon-transparent  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Normative Issues in MD poverty measurement design  Play-icon-transparent  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Case studies: National MD poverty measures  Play-icon-transparent pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Day 4
Working groups: normative issues pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Data & indicators  Play-icon-transparent pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Day 5
Measures of association redundancy pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Day 6
Group Presentations
Day 7
Field trip
Day 8
Decomposition, dimensional breakdown and maps  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Day 9
Sensitivity, robustness analysis & standard errors  Play-icon-transparent  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Changes over time  Play-icon-transparent  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Interpreting the MPI results  Play-icon-transparent  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Day 10
Regression analysis  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Impact evaluation  Play-icon-transparent  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Communication and Policy  Play-icon-transparent  pdf-icon-transparent-background2
Day 11
Review of the course & closure
Day 12
Group presentations

Photos from the summer school 2016