OPHI – HDCA Summerschool 2011

24 August to 3rd September 2011 – Delft, the Netherlands

Wednesday 24th August

  • Introduction & Overview of the
    Summer School
  • Unidimensional Poverty
    Measurement: Axioms, Measures,
    and Dominance
  • Exercises on Unidimensional
    Poverty & Poverty Orderings

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Thursday 25th August

  • Stata Features
  • Stata Exercises on Unidimensional
    Poverty & Dominance
  • Why Multidimensionl (MD)
    Poverty Measures?
  • Properties of MD Poverty

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Friday 26th August

  • Alkire Foster (AF) MD Poverty
  • Case Studies – MPI, Mexico,
  • Paper Based Exercises on AF
  • Normative Issues in MD Poverty

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Saturday 27th August

  • Working Groups on Normative
  • Working Groups on AF Poverty
  • Presentations of Working Group

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Monday 29th August

  • Multidimensional Dominance
  • AF Measure Analysis Issues I:
    robustness tests of weights, k-value,
  • Standard Errors
  • Exercises on Dominance &
    Robustness Tests

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Tuesday 30th August

  • AF Measure Analysis Issues II:
    trend analysis in M0, changes over
  • Exercise on Trend Analysis,
    Changes Over Time, & Standard
  • AF Measure Analysis Issues III:
    decompositions by dimension and
    regional and ethnic groups, and
    policy implications
  • Exercises on decompositions by
    dimension and sub-group

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Wednesday 31st August

  • AF Measure Analaysis Issues IV:
    redundancy, correlation,
    complementarity, subjective scales
    validation (uses of principal
    components & factor analyses)
  • Working Groups on Principal
    Components & Factor Analyses
  • Working Groups on Principal
    Components & Factor Analyses,
    and normative analysis
  • Intro to the Capability Approach
    led by SA

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Thursday 1st September

  • Missing Dimensions of Household
    Surveys on Poverty
  • AF Measure Analysis Issues V:
    Practical issues (sample drop,
    missing values, bias analysis, design)
  • Working Groups on AF Poverty
  • The Politics of MD Poverty

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Friday 2nd September

  • Review of the Course
  • Ongoing Debates and Research
  • Working Groups on AF Poverty

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