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Conference on South Asia in Transition

Conference on South onference Asia in Transition

25-26 November, 2011

Department of Sociology & Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative


DAY 1: 25.11.2011 Friday

Manor Road Building (MRB) Seminar C and G

9.00-9.30 Welcome Remarks in Seminar G

9.30 -11.00 Political Participation: Democracy, Dictatorship and Beyond in Seminar G

11.30-13.00 Social Exclusion  in Seminar G

14.00-15.30 Politics of Development and Entitlement in Seminar C

16.00-17.30 Politics of Resistance and Social Movements in Seminar C


DAY 2: 26.11.2011 Saturday

Manor Road Building Seminar D and G

9.30-11.00 Politics of Identity, Culture and Art in Seminar D

9.30-11.00 Transformations in Political Economy: State, Capital and Changing Labour Relations in Seminar G

11.30-13.00 Violent Conflicts  in Seminar D

11.30-13.00 Measuring Poverty in South Asia  in Seminar G

14.00-15.30 The South Asian Diaspora: The Politics of Conflict, Identity and Change in Seminar D

14.00-15.30 Politics of Development and Citizenship in Seminar G

15.30-16.00 Vote of Thanks  in Seminar G

OPHI Launch


29 May-1 June 2007


Materials of OPHI Launch events

OPHI Updates: A two page overview of the Launch events


29-30 May: Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data

One page overview of the workshop May 29 – 30, 2007
Briefing explaining each of the five topics in our proposals
Document with the shortlists from all five papers

Tuesday 29 May, Introduction and Overview

Presentation: Sabina Alkire, A.B. Atkinson, Barbara Harriss-White
Materials: PDF of Sabina Alkire’s Presentation

Tuesday 29 May, Session I: Missing Dimensions of Human Development

Chair: Sabina Alkire
Frances Stewart “Beyond the HDI”
Giovanni Razzu “Freedom and Fairness: The Equalities Review”
Sören Gigler “Measures of Well-Being: a case study from Bolivia”
Materials: PDF of presentation by Sören Gigler, PDF of presentation by Giovanni Razzu

Tuesday 29 May, Session II: Physical Safety

Chair: Rosemary Thorp
Paper Author: Rachael Diprose
Presentation: Alex Butchart
Discussant: Kasirim Nwuke
Materials: Shortlist, Full Paper, PDF of presentation by Alex Butchart

Tuesday 29 May, Session III: Empowerment and Agency

Chair: Minquan Liu
Paper Author: Solava Ibrahim
Presentation: Deepa Narayan
Discussant: David Hulme
Materials: Shortlist, Full Paper, PDF of presentation by Solava Ibrahim and Deepa Narayan

Tuesday 29 May, Session IV: Psychological and Subjective Wellbeing

Chair: Paper Author: Emma Samman
Presentation: Laura Camfield
Discussant: Geeta Kingdon, Tania Burchardt
Materials: Shortlist, Full Paper, PDF of presentation by Laura Camfield

Wednesday 30 May, Session V: Employment

Chair: Barbara Harriss-White
Paper Author: Maria Ana Lugo
Presentation: Grace Bediako
Discussants: N.S. Sastry, Sylvester Young
Materials: shortlist, Full Paper, PDF of PowerPoint Grace Bediako, PDF of PowerPoint Sylvester Young

Wednesday 30 May, Session VI: The Ability to go about without Shame

Chair: Michael Walton
Paper Author: Diego Zavaleta
Presentation: Jaqui Goldin
Discussants: Kim Samuel Johnson, Luis Quiroga
Materials: shortlist, Full Paper, PDF of PowerPoint I Jaqui Goldin, PDF of PowerPoint II Jaqui Goldin, PDF of PowerPoint Luis Quiroga

Wednesday 30 May, Public Seminar

Chair: Sudhir Anand
Presentation: Sabina Alkire, Solava Ibrahim, Rachael Diprose, Emma Samman, Diego Zavaleta, Maria Ana Lugo
Discussants: François Bourguignon, Stephan Klasen, Francesca Perucci
Materials: watch video, PDF of OPHI Presentation PowerPoint

Wednesday 30 May, Public Lecture: What Theory of Justice

Chair: Vice Chancellor
Presentation: Amartya Sen
Discussant: Barbara Harriss-White
Materials: watch video

One page overview of the workshop May 31 – June 1, 2007

Thursday 31 May, Session I: What Space for New Economic Approaches?

Chair: Ian Goldin
Participants: Michael Spence, Amartya Sen
Materials: watch video

Thursday 31 May, Session II: Directions for Research in Multidimensional Welfare Economics

Chair: Frances Stewart
Presentation I: Tony (A.B.) Atkinson
Presentation II: François Bourguignon
Materials: watch video

Thursday 31 May, Session III: Multidimensional Poverty: A Measure

Chair: Michael Spence
Paper: James Foster
Technical notes: Maria Ana Lugo “Multidimensional Poverty”
Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti “Fuzzy Set theory Union and Intersection”
Materials: PDF of PowerPoint James Foster, PDF of PowerPoint Maria Ana Lugo, PDF of PowerPoint Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti

Thursday 31 May, Session IV: Towards a Theory of Capability Comparison

Chair: Sabina Alkire
Paper: Prasanta Pattanaik
Technical notes: Achin Chakraborty, Reiko Gotoh
Materials: Paper of Reiko Gotoh, PDF of PowerPoint Achin Chakraborty

Friday 1 June, Session V: Aggregation Methods

Presentations: Jose Manuel Roche “factor analysis”, Proochista Ariana “survey-based weights”, John Bosco Ki “dominance approaches”
Materials: Paper of Jose Manuel Roche, PDF of PowerPoint Jose Manuel Roche, PDF of PowerPoint Proochista Ariana

Friday 1 June, Session VI: Preferences

Chair: Ian Goldin
Presentations: Nuno Martins “neuro economics”, David Huffman and Uwe Sunde “experimental economics”, Sebastian Silva Leander “adaptive preferences”
Materials: Paper of Nuno Martins, PDF of PowerPoint David Huffman and Uwe Sunde, PDF of PowerPoint Sebastian Silva Leander

Friday 1 June, Session VII: Research Agenda and Process

Chair: Randy Spence
Speakers: James Foster, Prasanta Pattanaik and others.