Case Studies – the international MPI, and national multidimensional poverty measures for Mexico (2009) and Colombia (2011)

Sabina Alkire

  • An introduction to the choices and limitations behind the international comparable MPI and the many types of possible analyses.
  • An overview of two national A&F measures in Mexico and Colombia.

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Guide to the video

Part 1: The Case of the global MPI

00:00 Introduction to the global MPI

03:10 Introduction to the components of MPI: surveys used, dimensions and weights chosen, and data restrictions on international comparable survey data

05:20 Explanation of the health dimension – variables and deprivation cut-offs

06:37 Explanation of the educational dimension – variables and deprivation cut-offs

07:58 Explanation of the living standard dimension – variables and deprivation cut-offs

11:54 Data constraints, a call for better data, and a note that MPI is not appropriate for national policy

15:46 Explanation of the equally (nested) weights in MPI – same as HDI, pasted robustness check, (most importantly) they are easy to communicate (Atkinson)

18:35 Identification (z-cut and k-cut offs); the debate/choice of the poverty cut-off (k).

21:48 Aggregation and limitation to the adjusted headcount (M0), as MPI is based on ordinal data.

23:10 Examples from qualitative work done on the global MPI.

26:10 Present the MPI 2010 results, comparison to $1.25/day, introduction to the many research questions relating to construction of a multidimensional poverty measure and MPI work within the topic (see lecture on Ongoing Debates and Research Topics).

33:56 Short introduction to subgroup and dimensional decomposition and contribution by indicator   (see lecture on Decomposition by Dimension and Subgroup)

37:03 Discuss the need to look at different poverty cut-offs

39:00 Short introductions to standard errors and time comparisons (see lecture on Standard Errors and Time decompositions)

40:36 Robustness tests done on MPI for k cut-offs and weights (see lecture on Robustness Analysis)

Part 2: The Case of Mexico and Colombia

43:00 Mexico’s multidimensional poverty measure based on the country social development law and introduced in 2009. (see Foster (2006))

46:37 Colombia’s MPI – a complement to income measures. Dimensions, weights and analysis are presented. (see OPHI website page on Colombia)

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