Capability Production Function

Instructors: Enrica Chiappero-Martinetti, Associate Professor of Economics, Faculty of Political Science, University of Pavia and Director of the Human Development, Capability and Poverty, IUSS, at Pavia, and Emma Samman , OPHI Research Associate

Class Objectives:

  • Conceptualization of the well-being process in terms of the production function: inputs (means), outputs (well-being – achieved functionings) and “technology” (the conversion process);
  • Estimation of the conversion process and conversion rates; and
  • Index of “conversion efficiency” suggested or applied in the capability literature.



Part 1
[flashvideo title=Capability Production Function image=wp-content/uploads/default_video.jpg file=wp-content/uploads/SSCProdFunction_MartinettiSamman_Part1_050908-1.m4v /]

Part 2
[flashvideo title=Capability Production Function image=wp-content/uploads/default_video.jpg file=wp-content/uploads/SSCProdFunction_MartinettiSamman_Part2_050908-1.m4v /]

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Production Function Part2

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Further readings:
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