Bold new Colombian poverty reduction plan

In a bold and welcome new move, the Colombian government has committed to firm targets to close the country’s poverty gaps using an innovative adaptation of a poverty measure developed by OPHI. This is the world’s first poverty reduction plan to use the Alkire-Foster method, a flexible tool for measuring multidimensional poverty or wellbeing and developed by OPHI. 

Colombia’s binding “multidimensional” poverty-reduction targets mark a major step forward in global poverty measurement and reduction efforts. Adding to traditional income-based approaches to poverty, the new national Multidimensional Poverty Index Colombia (MPI-Colombia) assesses broader social and health-related aspects of poverty:  education, employment, the condition of children and young people, health, access to public services and housing conditions. This method works like a high resolution lens on poverty and reveals a vivid spectrum of challenges facing the poorest households. Giving a “multidimensional” picture of the many deprivations that batter poor peoples’ lives at the same time, the method helps to target development resources more effectively. Read more.