Blog: Two months, two new policies, two parts of the world

In a new blog post, OPHI’s John Hammock looks at the new approach to measuring poverty recently adopted in Chile and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The blog discusses how leaders in both places have embraced the idea that poverty is more than just a lack of money – that poor people can experience multiple disadvantages at the same time, such as poor health and nutrition, no access to water or electricity, and a lack of education or employment.

It explores how the newly introduced poverty measure – the Multidimensional Poverty Index – reveals the different ways that people are poor in each place, enabling policymakers to target their resources and fight poverty more effectively.

John Hammock is Co-Founder and Director of Outreach at OPHI.

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‘A tale of twos: Two months, two new policies, two parts of the world’ was published in Debating Development, a blog from the University of Oxford’s Department of International Development.

The blog was reposted in Revista Humanum, UNDP’s Spanish-language online journal.