GNH Publications

GNH Index Publications

An Extensive Analysis of GNH Index – Co-authored by Karma Ura, Sabina Alkire, Tshoki Zangmo and Karma Wangdi, this book provides a detailed exposition of the construction of the GNH Index, its analysis and policy implications.

OPHI Research in Progress 37a: Well-being, Happiness and Public Policy – This paper articulates a multidimensional concept of happiness and well-being, and highlights radical policies which focus on human flourishing as the fundamental objective.

A Short Guide to GNH Index – This short publication by Karma Ura, Sabina Alkire and Tshoki Zangmo explains how the GNH Index is constructed using a version of the Alkire Foster method of multidimensional measurement.

The Economy of Gross National Happiness: Towards a New Economic Model – This op-ed was written by Sabina Alkire following the UN Meeting on Happiness and Well-being in April 2012 and published on the website Project Syndicate.

OPHI Research in Progress 5a: Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index: Methodology and Results – This is an informal note on the GNH Index produced in November 2008.