2012 Courses – Archive

2012 Summer School on Capability and Multidimensional Poverty ~ Jakarta, Indonesia
Start Date: 23 Aug 2012
End Date: 04 Sep 2012
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Brief Description: The 2012 OPHI-HDCA two-week training course on Capability and Multidimensional Poverty held in Jakarta, Indonesia, brought together a vibrant mix of people to learn about multidimensional poverty measurement and the capability approach, and provided an introduction on how to implement a national or organisational Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI). The purpose of this intensive summer school was to provide a thorough conceptual and technical introduction to techniques of measuring multidimensional poverty, drawing on the capability approach, with a strong emphasis on the Alkire Foster method. It was led by the researchers and director of OPHI.