Andy Sumner chapter in the OECD’s ‘Ending Poverty’ report previewed online

A chapter written by OPHI Research Associate Andy Sumner for the forthcoming OECD Development Cooperation Report, ‘Ending Poverty’, is now available to preview online. The chapter, ‘What will it take to end extreme poverty?’ discusses the requirements for ending extreme poverty by 2030 and the need to focus on multidimensional aspects of poverty.

Using a range of scenarios, Sumner – who is Co-Director of the King’s International Development Institute at King’s College London – shows that with weak growth and without tackling inequality, the number of people facing extreme poverty could remain at around 1.3 billion in 2030, many of whom will reside in Middle Income Countries (MICs).

His chapter also calls for a focus on development cooperation with MICs, to support economic growth which is equitable and addresses poverty reduction as a national distribution issue.

The ‘Ending Poverty’ report, which is due for full release in December 2013, will also feature a chapter written by OPHI Director Sabina Alkire, on ‘How to measure the many dimensions of poverty?’.

To coincide with the release of the report, debate organisers Intelligence Squared will host a panel of speakers, including Alkire, to discuss the issues it raises. ‘Can We Really End Poverty? A Debate on the Future of Development‘ will be held on Thursday 5 December 2013, from 7pm -8.30pm (GMT), and will be live-streamed online.

To find out more about the event, and to preview Sumner’s chapter, click here.