Amartya Sen a candidate for Prospect magazine’s World Thinker 2014

Amartya Sen, a Nobel laureate in economics and an OPHI advisor, is on Prospect magazine’s list of World Thinkers 2014, with ‘the most important thinker’ to be chosen by the public via an online poll.

An Indian economist and philosopher who is currently a professor at Harvard University, Sen developed the capability approach in which OPHI’s work is grounded. His most recent book, ‘An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions’, co-authored with development economist Jean Drèze, was published in 2013 to widespread acclaim.

Prospect has compiled its list of World Thinkers 2014 in order ‘to identify those engaging most originally and profoundly with the central questions of the world today, and to provoke debate about the role of intellectuals in public life.’

To vote for the candidate you think should be crowned the world’s most important thinker of 2014, click here. The online poll closes at midnight on 11 April 2014.