Alkire’s ‘Choosing dimensions’ paper features in SSRN’s Top Ten poverty download list

‘Choosing dimensions: the capability approach and multidimensional poverty’, a paper written by OPHI director Sabina Alkire in 2007, has been listed on the Social Science Research Network’s Top Ten download list for the Political Science Network (PSN) on the topic of ‘poverty’.

The paper, which examines how the dimensions of chronic poverty should be selected, was published first as Chronic Poverty Research Centre Working Paper 88, and subsequently in ‘The Many Dimensions of Poverty’, edited by Kakwani, Nanak and Jacques Silber, Basingstoke: Palgrave-MacMillan, 2008.

The paper argues that the dimensions of chronic poverty for research studies should be selected using a ‘mixed’ method approach that combines the selection of a static set of core dimensions (using explicit criteria which are described) with participatory studies that report the relative importance of each dimension to the respondents during different waves of the survey. Read ‘Choosing dimensions’.