Alkire takes part in OECD’s Global Forum for Development

OPHI director Sabina Alkire spoke recently at the OECD’s Global Forum for Development in Paris, which had the theme ‘Innovative Approaches to Poverty Reduction, Social Cohesion and Progress in the post-2015 World’.

Alkire was a panellist discussing ‘The global-national nexus’ alongside the World Bank’s Otaviano Canuto, Vice President and Head of the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) Network, and Abdalla Hamdok, Deputy Executive Secretary, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), among others.

The panel highlighted the trends that are challenges or opportunities to defining national policy frameworks, and what role global uncertainties play. They were tasked with describing their perspective of poverty, how it is evolving and how it persists.

Among the questions they discussed were:

  • What do the new trends in poverty imply for policy in countries that have not yet achieved the original MDGs?
  • How can national poverty policies respond to global challenges and opportunities?
  • What analytical frameworks have proven helpful to countries and others supporting country-led efforts to understand and design poverty reduction policies that respond to the country’s specific context?

For more information and all the background papers to the conference, see the 2013 Global Forum for Development website.