Alkire interview on data revolution for Canadian International Council (CIC)

The Canadian International Council’s (CIC) digital media platform, has published an interview with OPHI Director, Sabina Alkire on the new Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network (MPPN) and the MPI 2.0 (now known as the MPI 2015+).

The article describes what multidimensional measures reflect in countries such as Ethiopia and Nepal and how such measures are key to moving forward the Millennium Development Goals after 2015. Together with the governments of Germany, Colombia and Mexico and Ministers from 20 countries, the MPPN has decided to advocate for a multidimensional poverty index (MPI 2015+ ) in a post-2015 context.

“They felt that a global and internationally comparable headline of multidimensional poverty would really add value to a list of individual indicators. One of the things OPHI is working on is a proposal for there to be an indicator – complementing the $1.25-a-day indicator – of multidimensional poverty that gives an at-a-glance figure of how people’s lives are going in other dimensions,” Alkire said in the interview.

Read the full article here.