Hammock becomes an affiliate at the Harvard Global Equity Initiative

OPHI Research Associate and Co-Founder John Hammock has been named a Senior Research Associate at the Harvard Global Equity Initiative (HGEI), an inter-faculty research programme at Harvard University devoted to promoting more equitable development, with a particular focus on the dimension of health.

HGEI aims to advance understanding and tackle the challenges of equitable development, given the global inequity that exists among people – based on gender, ethnicity, health status, culture – and between and within nations and regions. It addresses these issues by conducting research, engaging in policy discussions, and producing and disseminating evidence, education, and training with an interdisciplinary approach.

HGEI recently published three books: Closing the Cancer Divide: An Equity Imperative; Beauty without the Breast; and Health Financing in Latin America Volume 1: Household Spending and Impoverishment.

HGEI, formerly the Global Equity Initiative (GEI), was founded in 2001 by Lincoln Chen in collaboration with Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen, who is currently the Chair of the Steering Committee, and Sudhir Anand. Sen and Anand are both also members of OPHI’s Advisory Committee.