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Key readings covered in these lectures

Alkire, S., Foster, J.E., 2011. Counting and Multidimensional Poverty Measurement. Journal of Public Economics,  95(7-8) 2011, 476-487.

MPI: Alkire, S., Roche, J. M., and Suman, S. (2011). Sub-national Disparities and Inter-temporal Evolution of Multidimensional Poverty across Developing Countries. OPHI Working Paper 32a

Bangladesh: Alkire, S. and Roche, J.M. (2011). Beyond Headcount: Measures that Reflect the Breadth and Components of Child Poverty. OPHI Working Paper 45

Reading List

Paper Based Exercise

This paper based exercise introduces the decomposability of measures in the Alkire Foster family, both by subgroup and indicators. You will learn how to compute the subgroup MPI and each indicator’s censored headcounts, as well as the contribution from each indicator and subgroup to the overall adjusted headcount

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