2015 General Events – Archive

OPHI Training Course in Dakar
Start Date: 30 Nov 2015
End Date: 06 Dec 2015
Location: Dakar, Senegal

Brief Description: OPHI, in collaboration with SESRIC, ISFD and COMCEC, is hosting a training course in Multidimensional Poverty Measurement in Dakar, Senegal.

Anchoring a Global Multidimensional Poverty Index within the Sustainable Development Goals
Start Date: 27 Sep 2015
End Date: 27 Sep 2015
Location: UN General Assembly, New York
With: Luis Guillermo Solís, President of Costa Rica

Brief Description: High-level side event at the UN General Assembly, New York 27 September 2015, Conference Room 3 (CR3), 1:15-2:45 pm, with 20 eminent speakers. At this critical juncture in the process of finalising how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will be measured, this important side event showed the importance of embedding a multidimensional measure of poverty within the new framework.

US launch of OPHI's book on Multidimensional Poverty Measurement & Analysis
Start Date: 13 Sep 2015
End Date: 13 Sep 2015
Location: Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
With: HDCA

Brief Description: The US launch of OPHI's book on Multidimensional Poverty Measurement & Analysis took place at the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) conference on Sunday 13 September 2015.

Global MPI 2015 and OPHI Book launches: How multidimensional measurement can transform the fight against poverty
Start Date: 22 Jun 2015
End Date: 22 Jun 2015
Location: Grove Auditorium, Magdalen College, Longwall Street, Oxford OX1 4AU
With: Discussants: Selim Jehan, Director, HDRO; Professor Brian Nolan; Dr Max Roser; Professor Frances Stewart

Brief Description: This special event, hosted by OPHI, combined the launch of the Global Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) 2015 and the launch of our new book, Multidimensional Poverty Measurement & Analysis (OUP 2015).

MPPN Third Annual Meeting
Start Date: 02 Jun 2015
End Date: 03 Jun 2016
Location: Cartagena, Colombia

Brief Description: The Multidimensional Poverty Peer Network held its third Annual Meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, on 2 - 3 June 2015. High-level Government representatives from the Network's more than 40 member countries participated. More information on the MPPN website, www.mppn.org.

Drama on Multidimensional Poverty
Start Date: 15 May 2015
End Date: 15 May 2015
Location: Ashmolean Museum, Beaumont Street, Oxford
With: Social Sciences Division, University of Oxford

Brief Description: OPHI presented a short play exploring multidimensional poverty at the Ashmolean Museum’s Live Friday event on 15 May 2015.

Special Side-Event at the Cartagena Data Festival
Start Date: 21 Apr 2015
End Date: 21 Apr 2015
Location: Cartagena, Colombia

Brief Description: This side-event will highlight a new multidimensional poverty measure that can help to “end poverty in all its forms everywhere” – a key component of the first goal of the final Open Working Group proposal for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).