2010 Workshops – Archive

World Bank Workshop on Multidimensional Poverty Measurement
Start Date: 30 Aug 2010
End Date: 30 Aug 2010
Location: World Bank, Washington DC
With: OPHI & guests

Brief Description: The Poverty and Inequality Measurement and Analysis Practice Group August 30th, 2010, World Bank, Washington DC Poverty is multidimensional, and the Bank’s work reflects the importance of addressing the different dimensions of poverty. But, when talking about measurement , researchers … Continue reading World Bank Workshop on Multidimensional Poverty Measurement

Multidimensional Poverty & Inequality: New Methods & Research Directions
Start Date: 14 Jun 2010
End Date: 16 Jun 2010
Location: Oxford Department of International Development
With: OPHI & guests

Brief Description: OPHI’s workshop on new methods and research directions in multidimensional poverty and inequality discussed innovative new techniques to measure multiple dimensions of life. Participants included senior academics, students and representatives from international agencies. The workshop was co-sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme Human Development Report Office, who OPHI is collaborating with on work towards the 2010 UNDP Human Development Report.