2009 Workshop – Archive

OPHI Workshop on Policy: Uruguay Round
Start Date: 14 Oct 2009
End Date: 15 Oct 2009
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
With: OPHI & guests

Brief Description: OPHI held its first workshop with high-level policymakers from Latin America on 14/ 15 October in Montevideo, Uruguay. The aim was to assess the policy implications of OPHI’s work on the “missing dimensions” of human development. Participants from Argentina, Bolivia, … Continue reading OPHI Workshop on Policy: Uruguay Round→

OPHI Workshop on ‘Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data’
Start Date: 16 Aug 2009
End Date: 16 Aug 2009
Location: Durban, South Africa
With: OPHI

Brief Description: On 16 August, OPHI conducted a workshop on the Missing Dimensions of Poverty Data in Durban, South Africa prior to the opening of the 57th session of the International Statistics Institute (ISI). The ISI has as its objective ‘to promote the understanding, development, and good practice of statistics worldwide’ and assembled more than 3,000 delegates over six days. OPHI took advantage of the ISI meetings to invite participants to attend a workshop to discuss OPHI’s survey modules and their relevance to understanding poverty in Africa, potential policy implications, and how the work of OPHI might be taken further in the region. OPHI is eager to become more involved in Africa and to test these modules in at least one African country.

OPHI Workshop on Multidimensional Measures in Six Contexts
Start Date: 01 Jun 2009
End Date: 02 Jun 2009
Location: Oxford
With: OPHI

Brief Description: OPHI’s June 2009 small, high-level research workshop will examine several multidimensional measures used in six specific contexts – including the multidimensional poverty methodology developed by OPHI – to critically compare them, identify commonalities, advantages and disadvantages of different methodologies, and isolate shared weaknesses for which new methodologies should be developed.

OPHI Workshop on Robustness Methods for Multidimensional Welfare Analysis
Start Date: 05 May 2009
End Date: 06 May 2009
Location: Oxford
With: OPHI

Brief Description: The goal of this OPHI workshop is to identify and discuss specific areas for research aimed at developing stronger methodologies of robustness for multidimensional well-being analysis. Special emphasis is given to stochastic dominance techniques. The sessions will survey how various methods have been applied in the literature, and identify strengths and weaknesses of the techniques and discuss potential further developments. We see this workshop as a first stage, and hope that some participants and invitees might prepare papers for a special issue that follows up on key ideas.