2008 Workshops – Archive

Open Dialogue with OPHI
Start Date: 16 Jun 2008
End Date: 16 Jun 2008
Location: Oxford
With: OPHI

Brief Description: OPHI researchers presented results of work in progress on Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, China, India, and Bhutan. In each of these cases, OPHI researchers use existing data to compare income poverty with a new multidimensional poverty measure (Alkire & Foster Working Paper 7) and explore the value added.

OPHI Workshop on Measuring Freedoms
Start Date: 28 May 2008
End Date: 29 May 2008
Location: Oxford
With: OPHI & guests

Brief Description: A great deal of attention has focused on empirical studies related to multidimensional poverty. These could be conceived of as the measurement of functionings. Considerably less attention has been applied to empirical measures of capabilities and opportunity freedoms. Measures of process freedoms such as empowerment and political freedom have been developed, but the integration of these measures with the space of functionings has not occurred. This workshop focused on the borderlands between theoretical and empirical work on freedom.

OPHI Workshop on Weighting in Multidimensional Poverty Measures
Start Date: 26 May 2008
End Date: 27 May 2008
Location: Oxford
With: OPHI & guests

Brief Description: In constructing multidimensional poverty measures, it is possible to apply weights a) in aggregating variables within one dimension; b) in aggregating across dimensions; c) in aggregating across people. At each point of aggregation, we need to determine the parameters that define the marginal contribution of each indicator, dimension, or individual to the overall well-being (or deprivation), taking into consideration also the possible interconnections among them. OPHI’s May 2008 workshop will consider a number of techniques to set weights for multidimensional measures.