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Michaelmas Term 2013

These seminars are held from 12-1pm in Seminar Room 3, Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, Oxford OX1 3TB. Everyone is welcome, and a complimentary sandwich lunch is available on a first come, first served basis.
There are no seminars currently available.

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Previous Seminars

Monday 27 November
The MPI as a Planning Tool Across Africa
With: Pali Lehohla, Former Statistician General of South Africa

Monday 20 November
CANCELLED: Income and Multidimensional Poverty in Indonesia
With: Dr Usha Kanagaratnam, OPHI

Monday 13 November
Chronic or acute? Preference-consistent measurement of poverty over time
With: Dr Natalie Quinn, OPHI

Monday 6 November
Causal claims to wellbeing improvement: the QuIP quest for better impact evaluation
With: Professor James Copestake, University of Bath

Monday 30 October
Walls of glass: Measuring deprivation in social participation
With: Dr Nicolai Suppa, TU Dortmund

Monday 23 October
The Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) and other global indices
With: Dr Sabina Alkire, Director, OPHI, University of Oxford

Monday 16 October
Multidimensional Impact Evaluation: The Case of WINGS in Uganda
With: Dr Bilal Malaeb, Research Officer, OPHI, University of Oxford (Joint work with Eustace Uzor, LSE)

Monday 9 October
Multidimensional Poverty in Measurement and Policy
With: Professor John Hammock, Dr Bilal Malaeb, Dr Ana Vaz, OPHI, University of Oxford

Wednesday 22 March
Non parametric well-being comparisons Presentation
With: Koen Decancq

Monday 6 March
Material poverty and multiple deprivation in Europe before and after the Great Recession: Analysis, reflections and implications for the capability approach Presentation
With: Dr. Rod Hick, Cardiff University

Monday 27 February
Ethnic diversity and multidimensional poverty
With: Dr. Bilal Malaeb, Dr. Christian Oldiges and Dr. Gisela Robles Aguilar

Monday 20 February
Representation of a separable symmetric preorder, with applications to welfare and poverty measurement
With: Dr. Natalie Quinn, Career Development Fellow in Economics, St John’s College, Oxford

Monday 13 February
Are zeros distinct? Modelling the determinants of (enforced) deprivation for 14 EU countries Presentation
With: Selçuk Bedük, University of Oxford

Monday 6 February
Inequality aversion, self-interest and MPI: A Ugandan lab-in-the-field experiment
With: Matthew Robson, University of York

Monday 30 January
Incorporating environmental and natural resources within analyses of multidimensional poverty
With: Dr. Sabina Alkire

Monday 16 January
Good governance and multidimensional poverty – A comparative analysis of 71 countries
With: Dr. Christoph Jindra